how   can   i   cook   the   pasta?   is   it   difficult?


Cooking pasta is easy!

Just follow these simple steps:


1- Fill a medium/large pot with water and put it on fire

2- Wait until the water is boiling, then add a pinch of thick salt

3- Pour a spoon of olive oil on the water and add the pasta in

4- Leave the fire on, and count the time needed for cooking the pasta

5- Take the pasta out when the time is over! 


But don't be scared, we also provide cooking instructions with each order!



why  i   need   to  order   2   days   in   advance?


Every order it's always fresh made just for you, the same day as the delivery!

To be sure we have everything fresh and at the highest quality,

we buy everything we need in small batches,

and requires one or two days in advance.



How   many   grams   is   enough   for   1   person?


We suggest a portion of 150gr - 200gr  for each person, to enjoy a good plate of pasta!

(But you're free to cook more, of course!)



Why    Is   600gr   the   minimum   order?


Handmade pasta requires a balance of ingredients, and we set 300g as our proportion, but requires at least double (600gr) to be perfect! 


i   can't   cook   all    the   pasta,   can   i   store   it?


Sure, of course!

Our uncooked fresh pasta can be stored easily in FREEZER! 
Can last up to three month without losing its taste and texture.

Just cook it directly to boiling water, like it was just delivered,

with additional few seconds on the regular cooking time!



how   much  pasta   i   can   eat   with   200gr   of  sauce?


200gr of our Sauces is perfectly enough for our minimum order of 600gr of pasta! 



how   long   the   sauces   can   last?


Both Pesto and Tomato sauce are freshly made, and can last

up to two month in fridge sealed (lab tested) and two weeks after being opened!



What   about   the   gluten-free   pasta?


Our Gluten-free pasta is made using a mix of different flours and has

the same taste of the traditional one!

We tried our best to find out the perfect balance in the recipe!



is   gluten-free   pasta   safe?


We prepare the gluten free pasta with different equipment in order to avoid any contact with traditional flours.
We are the first in line when is concerning the safety in our food!



Is   the   gluten-free   pasta   different   in   cooking   and   storage?


The gluten-free pasta is a bit more fragile to handle, due to the different properties of the dough,

but cooking and store is easy as the other one!


WHERE    Do    you    make    the    pasta?


We produce all our pastas and sauces in Wong Chuk Hang,

in a certified kitchen with a FEHD Food Factory License!

Frequently Asked Questions

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