Everyone knows pasta, it's one of the most famous dishes in the world.


...do you know there is a big difference between a classic pack of penne and a nest of freshly made fettuccine? 

Most of the typical supermarket pasta we all know is dried, with  longer shelf life, and it's made to be cheap and easy to keep.

Fresh pasta is the opposite to this concept.

It represents a tradition of Italy, the selection of nice ingredients, the technique in making, and that final, delicious taste. 

With or without eggs, the taste of the fresh pasta is always richer and tastier.


ravioli, cappelletti, and traditional filled pasta


Each of Italian regions has many shapes of filled pasta, with Ravioli , Agnolotti or Tortellini becoming the most famous ones.

As a tribute to the origins of Filippo, we choose Cappelletti, a traditional filled pasta from Romagna region, as our de-facto filled pasta choice!


WHAt about our SAUCES?  (YOU WILL LOVE them!)


We choose the sauces on our menu among the Italian traditional ones:


Our tomato sauces are prepared using only San Marzano tomato, some spices and vegetables, then slowly cooked for two hours! 

Comes with Bell Pepper, Wild Mushrooms or Porcini, whichever you prefer!


Our Pesto is also really special. It's made following the traditional recipe from Genova, and it's carefully crafted every single time.

One of the best you can try in Hong Kong! 


HOW about your ingredients and products?


Italian people believe in "good ingredients equal to good food". 

This is what we use, all the time:


* Italian Molino Mariani best quality flour for Traditional pasta

* Italian high quality gluten free flours for Gluten-Free pasta

* 24 months Parmigiano Reggiano D.O.P.

* Fresh Ricotta cheese

* Organic fresh vegetables, directly from farm

* No preservatives added, no coloring and MSG free

* Fresh made and deliver on the same day, order by order.


This is how we like it, and this is what we want for   all the pasta lovers in Hong Kong!




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