“Pasta lovers, you  have to try out Il Mattarello.

This brand new company creates handmade, artisanal

fresh pasta that’s packed full of flavour...“


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italian   pasta   & sauces   handcrafted   with   love!


U Magazine / U Food 

"Il mattarello is a must-try for any Italian Food Enthusiast"

TimeOut Magazine Hk

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"Al Dente, Freshmade by Order and delivered themselves! 

Il Mattarello only uses the finest natural ingredients,

No MSG or Preservatives will be added in any of their food.

They only produce the PERFECT food for the customers

in order to let them feel the love!"


Apple Daily



"These hands will bring you a full Italian taste!

Il Mattarello brings the traditional home taste to hk, to let all the asian foodies enjoy!"


Eat And Travel Weekly 

"Il Mattarello brings the authentic italian pasta tradition to HK.  Freshly made by Order in HK!  

Only Freshly Homemade can taste the Original traditional taste" 


MetroPop Magazine





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"Everything is home made, ultra fresh, and 100% Italian. Spaghetti, fettuccine, cappelletti (a kind of ravioli) and sauces (pesto or tomato) to die for. We recommend the bestseller: cappelletti spinach / ricotta / parmesan. A pure delight."


Hong Kong Madame



"Yum! Check out Il Mattarello Hk for the freshest organic pasta in town! Gorgeous made to order Italian specialties including pastas and pesto! All delivered to your door."


Green Queen Hong Kong


"The pasta is so tasty and textured that it can almost be eaten alone, with just a healthy dose of extra virgin olive oil.  When the spaghetti is doused lovingly in a tablespoon of the homemade pesto, each coarse strand becomes coated in garlicky glory, which makes for one intensely enjoyable mouthful."


Foodie Magazine

Travel 18

Italian Artisan Pasta

Sauces & Specialties

"When Catherine Wong arrived in Ravenna, a coastal city in north Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region, she had no idea that she would be returning to Hong Kong to start Il Mattarello, making fresh pasta every day and delivering it personally to a crop of fiercely loyal customers...."


South China Morning Post